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ShootEmpire photography

For photographers

Convert your free times to easy bookings. Photographers can join ShootEmpire and get photography bookings in every shoot type that they want. Here are main benefits in working with ShootEmpire:

For photographers

Customizable Calendar

Update your working calendar as you want, when you want.

Half time

Fast Money

Earn money easily without the marginal work, just foucs on photography.


As near as possible

Receive bookings near your designated location. Get payed more for farther routes.


Payment Guarantee

Users pay 100% of booking in the beginning. So rest assured the money has been paid.


Direct Bookings

Users can book you directly from your page in ShootEmpire.

Membership Procedures

Everything is online, before you begin, make your portfolio ready to complete the steps faster and easier.

Basic Info

Enter information such as name, email, mobile number and working location.

Photography Equipment

Submit your camera mode, lenses and lighting photography that you posses and can take with you to customer's locations.

Your Portfolio

Upload your photos in somewhere in the web and provide us with the link to check your portfolio.

Your Experience

Tell us a little about your background, experiences, hobbies, achivments so that we could know you better.

And it's done!

Your registration is complete. We check your profile for any problems and if there is one, we'll let you know and resolve it.

Welcome to ShootEmpire

From now on, you are a part of our professional photographers.

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We are mostly looking for people who are highly motivated, have good artistic taste, are inquisitive, have energy and have strong social relationships.

One can join ShootEmpire if they,

can work full time or part time.

have at least 1 year experience in photography.

have proper camera, lenses or lighting equipments.

be familiar with google and searching.

Be familiar with photography poses and styles.

Be skilled in working with Lightroom for post processing.

Be familiar with social media trends.

Are energetic, cheerful and ethical and have a friendly interaction with customers.

Your Payment

You own 80% of each booking based on our pricing method. Check out here for a full help of our pricing structure.


80% of each booking goas directly to your wallet which you can checkout any time you want.

Time Extenstions

You can earn more if your customers want to extend their primary booking.


How can I join ShootEmpire as a photographer?

To join as a photographer, you must create a profile on the site. For this, you have to fill out a 4-step form so that your information can be checked by our membership team.

Does it cost me anything to register on the site ?

No, you don't pay anything by registring as a photographer in ShootEmpire. It's totally free.

What Should I upload as a photographer ?

You must upload a nice portrait of you for your profile picture, choose you shoot types and upload at least 12 pieces of your portfolio in each of them and fill out some forms for us.

How much time does it take for you to check my profile ?

We try our best to check your profile within 24-36 hours and get in touch with you through Whatsapp, Telegram or Email.

Are you a freelancer?

Join shootEmpire and acquire easy customers.

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ShootEmpire photography